Vestige 758  came about based on a desire to provide quality designed apparel for St. Lucians and visitors , as the thought behind each design inspires our core values and beliefs. Even our basic designs will bring back or enlighten something about St. Lucia that says “We Remember”. We remember the beauty of the island, the beauty of her people, the beauty of her oceans and the beauty of our culture.  Vestige literally means “the smallest part of something”. 758 (SLU) is who we are, no matter where we go, we are proud Lucians. 


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What our clients say

Let me just say this,you have a customer for life. I received my sweater and I’m loving it!!!! The quality is Amazing!!! I have a picture up on social media, everyone is asking about it. Keep on wowing us with your beautiful work. Appreciate you my brother nuff love.

Samatha Joseph


In June 2014, I was among close to two dozen local media workers who attended a media image seminar to improve our soft skills in order to give our audiences a better product.
The media workers, who came from print, electronic and broadcast media outlets, participated in the event held at Bay Gardens Hotel where we received basic tips on creating lasting impressions, verbal/non-verbal communication, professional presence, business/casual attire and paying attention to details.
The two-hour-long seminar was organized by media personality, Sharon Williams, who noted that many media workers don’t do as much as they should to promote themselves and what really goes into what they give their audiences.
One of the sponsors was  Vestige 758, whose tee shirts were donated to every participant. I still wear proudly because I believe in what our 758 has to offer.


Stan Bishop  /Journalist and Photographer


My name is Claudia Edward and I am a musician from St. Lucia. I travel round the globe to perform and i love having comfortable clothing. I have had my Vestige758 tank top for about 5 years now, the quality is still amazing, has kept its colour and still feels great. I love wearing it as its super comfortable and the fabric is top quality. Cant wait to get me some more products

Claudia Edward /Musician 


That Piton T-shirt to date is still my favourite St Lucia shirt. That quality felt really good on my skin but most of all it made me feel proud to be St Lucian.

Daren Sammy  /Saint Lucian National Cricketer